The REFAN company offers a wide range of fragrances with which you can let your imagination run wild. It consists of over one hundred and several dozen types of women’s and men’s REFAN perfumed waters. They are the result of collaboration between Bulgarian and French experts and are an alternative to many perfume brands. We present our clients with original products, developed by Refan, giving us an advantage in the challenging way to the elite world of high-quality perfumes. Authentic French perfume compositions and manufacturing technologies, as well as apparatus and equipment are used in the manufacturing process. All this, together with continuous production control, guarantees the highest quality and durability of Refan products. Have you ever wondered why the most famous French perfume brands are so expensive? Yes, they are so expensive because they are made of special ingredients, and a team of the best experts is working on them. Nevertheless, their value is primarily determined by the so-called „Image”, created with the help of advertising, with the involvement of leading models, movie stars – in other words: famous personalities. In this way, the customer pays primarily for the form, not the content. The price for a bottle of authentic perfume consists of only 5-10% of the price of the perfume itself, about 20-25% of the price of the bottle, and the rest is the seller’s profit and advertising. In recent years, experts from the REFAN company, using original technologies of their own idea and only French high-quality perfume compositions, began to create their own perfume products inspired by world-famous brands. The goal of this production is to get a wider range of customers while keeping costs low. In the case of inspired perfumes, the price is „cleared” of all advertising and image costs that made the original perfume so expensive. However, their quality rivals the most famous brands in every respect. Each fragrance in the REFAN series is authentic. The composition of the perfume is created in France and can be recognized for its high quality and saturation with natural ingredients. When developing REFAN perfumes, experts take into account the current market requirements and trends in the perfume industry. The REFAN collection of perfumes – gives the customer <the chance to choose from a wide range of fragrances one that suits his tastes and preferences. In addition, the customer has the option of choosing vials. Selected REFAN perfumes are therefore poured into the favorite bottle in the volume requested by the customer.

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