Even though it may sound paradoxical, the scent of the perfume remains one of the memories you have met about a woman or a man. It often turns out that this smell became the obvious cause of falling in love or strong passions. This is why the correct choice of perfumes is such an extremely important element of our image. The idea of ​​a good smell is a subjective concept, but nevertheless the smell should generally be such that it blends best with the natural scent of the skin and thus constitutes a distinguishing feature of man. It’s all about alchemy and the senses in the perfume business. To make your choice easier, here are some tips from perfume experts: Never choose perfume in the early morning hours when the sense of smell is weakened Never judge the smell directly from the bottle – the steaming alcohol numbs the sense of smell and changes it Always choose a fragrance for yourself by trying it on yourself – different people’s skin reacts to perfumes differently Never test more than three or four fragrances one after the other – otherwise you will not be able to properly evaluate them. The ideal way to test a perfume is to drop a few drops of perfume on your skin, let it sit for a while, and then make your choice Remember that it is better to choose saturated, warm and sensual fragrances in the cool months, and fresh, citrus and floral fragrances are most suitable in the summer. Where should perfume be applied to make it as durable as possible? The perfume is applied to places where you can feel the pulse – around the neck, in the folds of the arms, at the base of the wrist, at the base of the neck, behind the ears. The hair also holds the fragrance Fabrics, especially natural ones, also retain odors well – this should be especially remembered when changing perfumes.

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